Life changing: Exclusion fencing secures future for Ilfracombe woolgrowers – a producer case study

Ilfracombe graziers John and Jane Hain believe the introduction of exclusion fencing to keep wild dogs out of properties has ‘energised’ communities in western Queensland and has the potential to bring people and profitability back to the region. The Hains have fenced almost 17,000 hectares of their property ‘Summer Hill’ against wild dogs. Despite it being … Read more

Increasing lambing success at Blackall – a producer case study

The Banks family are passionate sheep people and have made significant management changes to increase lambing success and to lift the overall profitability of the enterprise.  Some of these changes have included scanning to determine where losses were occurring, splitting ewes into mobs of singles and twins, culling unproductive ewes, supplementary feeding and using electronic … Read more

Remote water monitoring – a producer case study

Fine wool grower Duncan Banks has an unwavering appreciation for water, so it made sense to him to invest in innovative technology that allows him to monitor stock water from his house. Four years ago, the Dirranbandi producer installed a commercial-type water meter on the main polypipe from a neighbouring artesian bore to 25 tanks … Read more

Exclusion fencing – tips from producers

During November 2014 Leading sheep and South West NRM held an exclusion fencing bus trip which visited four properties in south west Queensland. These properties ranged from just starting to exclusion fence to being fully fenced for eight years.  The trip was very successful with 43 people coming along. On the tour participants had the … Read more

Guardian dogs hold promise of wild dog control

Peter and Marie Crook-King and their daughter Julie Brown are optimistic they’ve turned a corner after three tough years of devastating wild dog attacks, thanks in part to the Maremma dogs they have guarding their flock of 2600 Merinos. It’s not before time. In the 2013-14 financial year the Crook-Kings lost 900 adult sheep and … Read more