Remote water monitoring – a producer case study

Fine wool grower Duncan Banks has an unwavering appreciation for water, so it made sense to him to invest in innovative technology that allows him to monitor stock water from his house.

Four years ago, the Dirranbandi producer installed a commercial-type water meter on the main polypipe from a neighbouring artesian bore to 25 tanks and 30 stock troughs on his property. Then with the help of a water specialist he equipped the water meter with technology allowing it to send data, via two-way radio, back to his home computer and/or mobile phone.

The result: he now gets continuous water flow data reports that show the peaks and troughs of water usage along 30 km of pipeline. This regular and detailed data allows him to rapidly identify if there is a problem with leaks or blocked trough valves in the paddock.

But while this remote water monitoring system hasn’t entirely replaced water runs on the property he operates with his wife Geraldine Grant, it has given him ‘invaluable peace of mind’ and saved him both time and money.

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