Glovebox Guide for Managing Wild Dogs

The Glovebox Guide for Managing Wild Dogs (4th edition 2020) is a general guide to managing populations of wild dogs in Australia. This guide uses the term ‘wild dogs’ to describe any wild-living members of the genus Canis, including pure dingoes, feral domestic dogs and crossbreds between the two. Wild dogs present significant economic, environmental … Read more

Research Report: Exclusion fencing fighting ferals

The traditional approach to fencing has been containment, but a growing number of farmers, frustrated by stock losses or reduced grazing capacity, are turning to exclusion, or feral fencing. Many exclusion fencing designs were pioneered in Queensland, and are attracting keen interest from farmers in other states with their own feral animal issues.  For this … Read more

Wild dog exclusion fencing: a practical guide

Well designed and constructed exclusion fences have been very effective at preventing wild dogs from entering properties or ‘clusters’ of properties, resulting in increased on-farm productivity and the ability for producers to run sheep without the stress of worrying about attacks. Having the capacity to keep dogs out of a property or properties, and get … Read more

A field guide to poison baiting: wild dogs and foxes

The Field Guide to Poison Baiting: Wild Dogs and Foxes (3rd edition 2018) provides information on the strategies and approaches to deliver baiting programs for wild dogs and foxes. It brings together a range of practical methods for the placement and use of wild dog and fox baits in various landscapes around the country. The … Read more

Sheep reproduction strategies

Stories by producers in north and central west Queensland about their sheep breeding programs.  Stories include: Peter and Elizabeth Clark “Leander” Longreach Duncan Ferguson “Barcaldine Downs” Barcaldine Buckles and Ann Peacey “Laidlaw” Longreach Fundamental nutritional considerations for grazing sheep by Desiree Jackson DAFF Longreach View the Sheep Reproduction Strategies eBook now (Hint, right click on the link and select … Read more

Sustainability and related certification options

Find out about the sustainability and ethical certification options you can use to differentiate and add value to your wool. View “Sustainability and related certification options for wool growers – final report 2007“ (Hint, right click on the link and select ‘Save Target/Link As’ to download the eBook to your computer.)  

Drought survival stories

Three eBooks containing drought survival stories by Queensland sheep and wool producers. Drought Survival Stories # 1 – Stories include: The WCS lament by Jan Taylor “Boree Downs” Longreach Cottonseed tips by Jan Taylor “Boree Downs” Longreach Feeding a way of life by Martin Lloyd “Lorne” Blackall Learn to plan ahead by Paula Dean “Notus Downs” … Read more

Tracks and traps

This Tracks and Traps eBook contains information and personal accounts to advise and educate producers who struggle with wild dog predation.  It contains: Stories from producers Resolutions of the wild dog control forum Traps to trapping workshop manual Links to a newsletter on dingo control. View Track and Traps Now (Hint, right click on the … Read more