Flock Talk June 2021

This edition of Flock Talk reflects on the current season and issues impacting Queensland sheep and wool producers, then to industry outlooks and upcoming events for Leading Sheep.

Flock Talk April 2021

In this edition, producer Duncan Banks and Extension Officer Andrea McKenzie discuss the benefits of and tips for drought planning – in particular, the new drought planning template available by clicking here.

Flock Talk February 2021

In this edition Noel O’Dempsey, Leading Sheep Regional Coordinator and Veterinarian, talks about managing rams, ewes and lambs to avoid heat stress and production loss.

FlockTalk August 2020 – The benefit of diversification

In this edition, producers Stuart and Pru Barkla discuss how diversification with sheep has enabled them to maintain their business through the drought. Then DAF extension officer Milly Nolan discusses the key benefits of early weaning lambs. Find information critical to getting into sheep and on how to undertake early weaning.