Glovebox Guide for Managing Wild Dogs

The Glovebox Guide for Managing Wild Dogs (4th edition 2020) is a general guide to managing populations of wild dogs in Australia. This guide uses the term ‘wild dogs’ to describe any wild-living members of the genus Canis, including pure dingoes, feral domestic dogs and crossbreds between the two. Wild dogs present significant economic, environmental … Read more

Life changing: Exclusion fencing secures future for Ilfracombe woolgrowers – a producer case study

Ilfracombe graziers John and Jane Hain believe the introduction of exclusion fencing to keep wild dogs out of properties has ‘energised’ communities in western Queensland and has the potential to bring people and profitability back to the region. The Hains have fenced almost 17,000 hectares of their property ‘Summer Hill’ against wild dogs. Despite it being … Read more

Research Report: Exclusion fencing fighting ferals

The traditional approach to fencing has been containment, but a growing number of farmers, frustrated by stock losses or reduced grazing capacity, are turning to exclusion, or feral fencing. Many exclusion fencing designs were pioneered in Queensland, and are attracting keen interest from farmers in other states with their own feral animal issues.  For this … Read more

Wild dog exclusion fencing: a practical guide

Well designed and constructed exclusion fences have been very effective at preventing wild dogs from entering properties or ‘clusters’ of properties, resulting in increased on-farm productivity and the ability for producers to run sheep without the stress of worrying about attacks. Having the capacity to keep dogs out of a property or properties, and get … Read more