Ep 3: Do ewe pregnancy scan?

In episode three of the Around the Camp podcast, hear about how ewe pregnancy scanning can lead to more effective flock management and boost the productivity of your operation. Hear from commercial scanner and Flockscan business owner, Bruce Toms, to understand the scanning process and on farm requirements and Thargomindah producer, Anthony Glasson, about the … Read more

Ep. 2: Who gets the dogs out?

The second episode features an interview with a leading Queensland consultant who discusses how to manage wild and feral animals, the associated issue of managing total grazing pressure and the costs and benefits associated with exclusion fencing. Additionally, hear from a producer who discusses his experience fencing his property and his approach to managing wild … Read more

Ep. 1: Beat the Heat

Our first episode, aptly titled ‘Beat the Heat’ features an interview with a leading Queensland producer about ways to better manage your flock during the challenging summer months.  Additionally, hear from an experienced wool specialist on shearing times and strategies to determine the best time to shear. The Around the Camp podcast is bound to … Read more