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  Name: Ingrid Miller
Role: Coordinator & Producer
“Warbreccan” Stonehenge     Phone: 0467 566 728
Ingrid lives at “Warbreccan” 200km south west of Longreach with her husband Jason and two sons. Whilst it is a cattle operation in the current day, Warbreccan, now owned by a local family, was in its earlier days a sheep and wool empire in the Channel Country.

Using isolation to her advantage, Ingrid has developed a busy self-driven workspace from her remote based office where she fulfil roles in Event Management, Marketing, Governance and Community Development. Ingrid also has a long standing affinity for Agriculture, in particular sheep and wool, and has always followed the industry with keen interest. She was drawn to Leading Sheep as she is passionate about promoting a productive and viable sheep and wool industry that provides long term benefits to both graziers and the wider community. Despite the current challenges of predators and varied seasons, Ingrid has confidence that through continued innovation in technology and industry advocacy, that Sheep & Wool production in the region will continue to grow and rejuvenate.

  Name: Dave Owens
Role: Producer
“Somerset” Longreach
Phone: 0428 581 919
David grew up in the Longreach/ Muttaburra area and has always been involved in the sheep industry. After leaving school he has been able to pursue his passion for the rural industry through owning a property and also running a crutching and lamb marking contracting business. This has enabled David to get around the central west and see how people do things and also to get a good feel on what producers are trying to achieve. He truly believes there is a profitable and sustainable future in the sheep industry especially for the younger generation. Concentration on reliable and informative data is a must and is the main reason he is on board with Leading Sheep.
Name: David Counsell
Role: Producer
“Dunblane” Barcaldine
Phone: 07 4651 2498
David is a member of a long term wool producing family at “Dunblane”, west of Barcaldine. He believes sheep still have an important place alongside cattle in the region and is committed to improving productivity of his Merino flock. Better fleece weights and lower micron counts are being achieved through the introduction of superior genetics.
Name: Amy Macintosh
Role: Producer
“Fairfield” Longreach
Phone: 0428 867 812
Amy grew up on her family’s sheep and cattle property north of Longreach in Western Queensland and has been involved with livestock and the running of the property for most of her life. Amy completed a Bachelor of Applied Science at University of Queensland in 2011, following which she was employed as a Livestock Nutritionist at Stocklick Trading in Roma. After a year living, traveling & working in USA and Canada, Amy has returned home and is now based back in the Longreach District & has joined the Leading Sheep committee as the Muttaburra representative. After traveling overseas & seeing how much of a premium there is for Merino wool and how well marketed “Australian & New Zealand Pure Merino Wool” products are, Amy really believes wool is making a comeback and there is a big and bright future for the wool industry.
  Name: Greg Hunt
Role: Australian Wool Network
Phone: 07 4658 2842
Greg has spent around 35 years working in the sheep and wool industry as a woolclasser, shearer and sheep and wool training. He currently lives in Longreach and has done for 22 years and present role is working for Australian Wool Network in the North Queensland sheep production area as a sheep and wool advisor and livestock salesperson.
Name: Alison Krieg
Role: Producer
“Benalla” Blackall
Phone: 07 4657 5069
Alison runs a merino sheep and beef cattle operation at “Benalla” in the Blackall district.  She completed a Certificate of Woolclassing at Warwick Tafe under the tutelage of Des Humphries and was greatly influenced by his passion for merino wool.  Alison believes that wool has a bright future but is concerned by the mounting challenges of wild dog predation and lack of young people entering the industry.
Name: Jim King
Role: Producer
“Willowen” Longreach
Phone: 07 4658 9122
Jim and Lou live on Willowen, they have 3 children all attending University; he purchased Willowen in 1988, 56km south of Longreach. Over this time he has focused his efforts on sheep production, in particular wool and runs beef cattle. Jim attended an SRS workshop in 1995 and he changed his sheep breeding practices in 2000 to align with the SRS breeding system. With the selection of bigger plain bodied rams, mulesing was ceased in 2006. Over the last 5 years he has been selecting rams with the use of ASBV’s concentrating on eye muscle depth and fat scores. For the sheep industry to go from strength to strength, Jim believes it must evolve and change with technology.
Ben Ogg
Role: Producer
‘Ayrshire’, Winton
Phone: 4657 3027
Ben is involved in the family business located 60km north of Winton “Ayrshire Downs” which is a mixed enterprise comprising of beef cattle
and a merino sheep flock. He is also committed to improving the sheep and wool industry as a whole by addressing impacting factors with particular relevance to the central west. These include pest control, introduction of superior genetics and an increase in producer knowledge. This is to help producers better recognize opportunities and options that exist for the sheep and wool industry.


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