About Us

LEADING THE WAY for a more profitable Queensland sheep and wool industry through new technologies, knowledge and skills. The Leading Sheep program is designed to help Queensland’s sheep and wool producers increase their long-term productivity and profitability.

It aims to do this by maintaining a high level of engagement with producers in three regions across the state — south, south west and north/central west.

In each region, an extension officer and a regional coordinator work with a regional committee of producers to determine local priorities.

This ensures producers receive the latest information on industry issues, as well as advice on new practices and technologies that will lead to long-term sustainability for the industry.

Leading Sheep encourages all producers, and particularly those aged between 18 and 39 years, to take part in the program and increase their uptake of new technologies.

Leading Sheep is an important partnership between the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries and Australian Wool Innovation and is supported by AgForce.


Leading Sheep is a proactive network of Queensland sheep and wool businesses; at the forefront of practical and relevant information and technology to equip progressive and thriving producers for the future.


Leading Sheep objectives currently include:

  1. Proactively identify local, industry and producer priorities and collaborative opportunities to deliver timely information and outcomes to Queensland sheep and wool producers.  The three priority areas are:
    • pest animal management
    • health/nutrition
    • business performance.
  2. Promote to Queensland sheep and wool producers beneficial technologies which are currently being underutilised.
  3. Create, identify and promote opportunities for future sheep and wool industry members to shape the direction of a thriving industry.

Enabling principles

  1. Utilise cost effective and innovative technologies to:
    • improve producer’s efficiencies of gaining new information and technologies
    • increase engagement with the sheep and wool industry.
  2. Focus on collaborative opportunities with other industry organisations to enhance the reach of Leading Sheep.
  3. Be responsive to high priority issues.