Advisory Panel




donperkins Name: Don Perkins
Role: Producer & PAP Chairperson
“Nelyambo” Dirranbandi
Phone: 07 4625 8686
Don Perkins runs a wool-growing and breeding property at Dirranbandi with his wife, Belinda and sons Tom, Lachie and Nicholas. His main focus is to improve the productivity of the property through pasture improvement and genetic gains. He is also particularly interested in investigating ways to improve the communication between woolgrowers and their customers with a view of better supplying what the customer requires. Don thinks that Leading Sheep has a role to play in boosting the morale of Queensland sheep producers.
Name: Louise Moore
Role: Project Leader
DAF Charleville
Phone: 0428 109 620
Louise and her husband are in a family partnership running a mixed grazing enterprise near Mitchell.  She has been a veterinarian with DAF for over 10 years, where she has worked in livestock biosecurity, health and welfare to help producers understand and manage their risks and promote best practice health and management options.  Louise has an avid interest in improving on-farm drought management strategies and genetics, and has completed post graduate education in ruminant nutrition.  She is proud to join the Leading Sheep team and to work with a progressive and innovative industry driving change for a sustainable future.
  Name: Jesse Moody
Role: Producer 
“Yarmouth” Cunnamulla
Phone:  0429 405 708
Jesse Moody manages a mixed enterprise on  his families property, “Yarmouth”, north east of Cunnamulla. While being involved in sheep and wool for the majority of his working life, he worked across all facets of the industry. His main interests are pasture management, nutrition and sheep genetics as they all have the biggest influences on the livestock. In his spare time, Jesse keeps busy in the region with cricket, rugby and the show society through their working dogs. Assisting other proactive sheep and wool producers to network, improve their management systems and adopt new technologies are just a few of the reasons Jesse has become involved with Leading Sheep.
LS 002 small 3 Name: Karen Huskisson
Role: Producer & AgForce Representative
“Wattle Downs” The Gums
Phone: 07 4665 9129
Karen has been a poll stud breeder since the age of 16 and has lived at Wattle Downs all her life. She has worked in the stud industry in Western Queensland and New South Wales. She currently breeds and sells maremma guardian dogs. She is the president of the Queensland Merino Stud Sheepbreeders’ Association (QMSSA), a councillor on the Australian Association of Stud Merino Breeders Limited (AASMB), a director on AgForce Queensland’s Sheep and Wool Board and a member of the National Wild Dog implementation committee. Karen believes the whole Queensland sheep and wool industry should work cohesively to unite our industry.
Jim King Name: Jim King
Role: Producer Representative
“Willowen” Longreach
Phone: 07 4658 9122
Jim and Lou King live on ‘Willowen’, they have 3 children all living away from home. Jim purchased ‘Willowen’ in 1988, 56km south of Longreach. Over this time he has focused his efforts on sheep production, in particular wool, and runs beef cattle. Jim attended a SRS workshop in 1995 and changed his sheep breeding practices. With the selection of plain bodied rams, mulesing was ceased in 2006. Over the last 5 years he has been selecting rams with the use of ASBVs concentrating on eye muscle depth and fat scores. He decided to join the Leading Sheep advisory panel to help solve issues that affect the wool grower in this area and throughout Queensland. For the sheep industry to be competitive Jim believes it must evolve and change with technology.
Name: David Counsell
Role: Producer
“Dunblane” Barcaldine
Phone: 07 4651 2498
David is a member of a long term wool producing family at “Dunblane”, west of Barcaldine. He believes sheep still have an important place alongside cattle in the region and is committed to improving productivity of his Merino flock. Better fleece weights and lower micron counts are being achieved through the introduction of superior genetics.
Name: Zarettha Stedman
Role: Producer
Zarettha started her agricultural journey 28 years ago, growing up on her family’s sheep farm in western Queensland. She studied a Bachelor of Animal Science, majoring in Livestock Nutrition. This sparked her desire to include regenerative agriculture in her studies, connecting the her passion for the land and producing high quality food and fibre for her family and the world. Her wish is that Australian farmers adapt to the changing climatic conditions and not only farm for profit but also maintain their natural resources for future generations. With Leading Sheep she hopes to support farmers that are willing to make a change and supports proactive marketing of clean/green sheep and wool. 
  Name: Marius Cuming
Role: AWI Representative
AWI Sydney
Marius is based on his family’s property in regional Victoria, where they run 2000 Merino ewes. His background is in journalism and Marius was formerly the Head of Corporate Communications for AWI where he created and managed national and international media, stakeholder engagement and communications, strategy development and marketing communications. He continues to host The Yarn, AWI’s podcast on the wool supply chain, from growers to designers, and is now the General Manager for AWI’s woolgrower engagement.
Name: Pieter Conradie
Role: DAF Representative
DAF Brisbane
Phone: 07 3333 5457
Pieter started his career in South Africa with a background in animal production, rangeland management and extension.  He headed the pasture research division at the Dohne Research Institute and worked with the National Wool Growers Association to improve wool production systems. He was Regional Manager Pastoral Production in Alice Springs before working as an Agricultural Liaison Officer in the Northern Territory Parliament, and there after took responsibility for managing the research farms of the Northern Territory Government. Now a Regional Manager with DAF, he works with staff and other role players in the beef and sheep industry and is committed to supporting programs that enhance efficient and sustainable sheep and wool production. Pieter sees great opportunity for the sheep and wool industry and is excited to work more closely with producers.
 Michael Allpass 75 x 100 Name: Michael Allpass
Role: AgForce Representative
AgForce Brisbane
Phone: 07 3236 3100
Michael holds a Bachelor of Agribusiness from the University of Queensland and an Associate Diploma in Animal Production from the Longreach Pastoral College.  He has more than 20 years experience working in the rural sector.  Michael has spent time as a jackaroo around Longreach before heading to the Riverina area of New South Wales to work with the stud Merino industry, including six years at ‘Goolgumbla’ Merino Stud.  He has also held key roles with Suncorp and Bankwest specialising in agribusiness lending.  Michael is currently the Livestock Policy Officer with AgForce Queensland.