Part 1: Health – H Series of Webinars

The H Series of Webinars is a ten-part series aimed at giving new and aspiring sheep producers a leg up into the Queensland sheep industry. The first webinar, ‘Health’, covered worms, vaccinations, lice and flies. The recording of this webinar has been split into five parts and is now available.  To go to the library … Read more

Pulpy kidney and toxic plant issues after good April rain

Rains in March and April have initiated variable pasture response for many producers throughout Queensland. In some areas the rapid growth of green feed after these rain events has brought associated risks. Issues are occurring predominantly in flocks introduced to the area from other pasture types or drought affected areas. This includes stock that have … Read more

Humpy Back in Sheep

Binendra Pratap, Senior Veterinary Officer, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries. Binendra has been investigating Humpy Back in sheep and has some interesting insights into what might cause Humpy Back, which is different to previous thoughts. You will hear about: What might cause it? Which animals are most susceptible? What can be done to prevent it? … Read more