Humpy Back in Sheep

Binendra Pratap, Senior Veterinary Officer, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries. Binendra has been investigating Humpy Back in sheep and has some interesting insights into what might cause Humpy Back, which is different to previous thoughts. You will hear about: What might cause it? Which animals are most susceptible? What can be done to prevent it? … Read more

Sheep and Wool Challenge Competition 2017

The Sheep and Wool Challenge is on, so it’s time to get your creative juices flowing! We want you to create a short, entertaining video showing a solution to a Queensland sheep and wool industry issue. Click here to view the flyer. What is it? The Sheep and Wool Challenge was designed to showcase innovative … Read more

Diseases: Ovine Brucellosis

Transmission, symptoms, control and prevention of Ovine Brucellosis, presented by Dr Louise Mullemeister (Senior Veterinary Officer), Department of Agriculture and Fisheries. To just view Louise’s power point presentation on Ovine Brucellosis please click here or alternatively you can watch the webinar below.