Around the Camp: WoolPoll panel / Sheep & wool course / Blowfly & lice treatment performance / Ollie’s Island educational resource

Nominations now called for 2018 WoolPoll Panel New sheep and wool course at Longreach Pastoral College How are our blowfly and lice treatments performing Ollie’s Island – an educational resource Upcoming events eBulletins 1. Nominations now called for 2018 WoolPoll Panel! Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) has recently appointed Sydney Lawrie to chair the 2018 WoolPoll … Read more

Around the Camp: Confinement feeding of sheep

Are your frustrating staff frustrating you? Help create a Queensland and Northern Australia benchmark Considering organic? Successful confinement feeding of sheep Upcoming events eBulletins 1. Are your frustrating staff frustrating you? Staffing properties is a complicated task, especially when you add in that many of your employees are family or foreigners! Gordon and Dave Stone … Read more

Around the Camp: Pain relief options

Keen for a yarn? Drought Wellbeing Service – here if you need Tech e-challenge needs woolgrowers to mentor! Pain Relief FAQs Upcoming events eBulletins 1. Keen for a yarn? Looking for some interesting listening during those long days in the paddock or an easy way to keep up with what’s going on? The Yarn Podcast … Read more

Around the Camp: Tips for feedlotting lambs

Sheep and wool challenge Agri-business CEO mentoring program Tips for feedlotting lambs Farm biosecurity – it’s easier than you think Upcoming events eBulletins 1. Sheep and wool challenge The Sheep and Wool Challenge is on, so it’s time to get your creative juices flowing! We want you to create a short, entertaining video showing a … Read more