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Name: Noel O’Dempsey
Role: Coordinator & Producer
“Linallie” Texas
Phone: 07 4653 1441
Veterinarian and sheep producer Noel O’Dempsey has taken on the role of regional coordinator for Leading Sheep South region. Mr O’Dempsey runs fine wool sheep at “Linallie” in the Traprock country between Texas and Inglewood, and within that business he puts special emphasis on selecting sheep for worm resistance. He is an accredited facilitator and will work with the Leading Sheep South regional committee in pursuing knowledge and skills to help develop more profitable and productive sheep enterprises. Mr O’Dempsey was previously a sheep husbandry officer with the Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries for more than 20 years and also now runs a vet consultancy.
Name: Sam Harwood
Role: Extension Officer
DAF Charleville
0400 256 427
Before joining Leading Sheep, Sam previously worked with the NSW Local Land Service in Tenterfield. In this role he worked in the Animal Biosecurity and Welfare team. Sam’s background also includes time in the meat industry where he worked in mixed species abattoirs at Frederickton. Sam looks forward to bringing some of the skills and knowledge gathered in these previous roles to Leading Sheep. When he’s not working you will find Sam fishing or enjoying the outdoors.
Bruce-Toms1 Name: Bruce Toms
Role: Producer
“Beltana” Stanthorpe
Phone: 07 4685 6075
Bruce Toms along with his wife Melinda and sons Clancy and Dougal own “Beltana”, a 4600 acre sheep property west of Stanthorpe.  They run 2000 Merino and Merino/SAMM cross ewes using Dohne rams.  A graduate of Longreach Pastoral College, he has worked on Merino studs in the Riverina and in Western Australia.  Bruce has also held sheep and wool positions with Elders and more recently Landmark and currently Fox and Lillie Rural.  In 2011 he started Flockscan, a sheep ultrasound pregnancy scanning business.  Bruce is a registered wool classer and Dohne assessor and has recently been appointed to the Traprock Group sheep committee.
donperkins Name: Don Perkins
Role: Producer
“Nelyambo” Dirranbandi
Phone: 07 4625 8686
Don Perkins runs a woolgrowing and breeding property at Dirranbandi with his wife, Belinda and sons Tom, Lachie and Nicholas. His main focus is to improve the productivity of the property through pasture improvement and genetic gains. He is also particularly interested in investigating ways to improve the communication between woolgrowers and their customers with a view of better supplying what the customer requires. Don thinks that Leading Sheep has a role to play in boosting the morale of Queensland sheep producers.
  Name: Debbie Cowley
Role: Producer
Bio coming soon.
  Name: Anthony Wallis
Role: Producer
Bio coming soon.
  Name: Sarah Prior
Role: Producer
“Allendoone” Yelarbon
Sarah Prior, along with her husband, Matt, run a merino sheep and broadacre cropping property near Yelarbon.  Sarah’s main interest has been in the livestock industry and improving profitability and diversity of enterprises on their property, along with a focus on regenerative agriculture.

Sarah has always been keen to explore soil regeneration further and feels this can improve resilience in both livestock and cropping enterprises. Sarah has been able to implement changes to their sheep management system by obtaining the knowledge and skills to run a profitable livestock business. Leading Sheep is a fantastic network to be involved in with such passionate people and Sarah jumped at the opportunity with work with Leading Sheep!