South West


Committee Details

A.Brown-001-100x75 Name: Amy Brown
Role: Coordinator & Producer
“Heather” Bollon
Phone: 07 4625 6129
Originally from the Pilbra region of Western Australia, I met my husband Bob Brown at Marcus Oldham College in 2005 and decided to make the move to Queensland.  Since then we have been managing the property ‘Heather’ for the family operation, Kooroon Pastoral. ‘Heather’ is 12 000ha and located 12km south of Bollon.  We run approximately 6 000 merino ewes with our main focus being on breeding and wool production.  Sheep are a viable enterprise and I am keen to encourage the younger generation into the industry.
 Schmidts Name: Richard & Lauren Schmidt
Role: Producer
“Harriman Park” Cunnamulla
Phone: 0488 542 326
Richard and Lauren Schmidt operate a relatively new operation 10km east of Cunnamulla at “Harriman Park”. Whilst being relatively new producers, Richard and Lauren have spent significant time in the industry. Richard is part of a long term wool producing family, having spent most of his time working on properties around south west Queensland as well as some time in the mining industry. Previously based in Charleville, Lauren has spent significant time working in and managing Agribusiness Banking in south west Queensland. Whilst currently operating more of a trading enterprise, our long-term goal is to focus on quality wool growth and reproduction. Richard and Lauren live at Harriman Park with their children, Ruby and Penny.
anthonyglasson Name: Anthony Glasson
Role: Producer
“Picarilli” Thargomindah
Phone: 07 4655 3106
Anthony along with his wife Gerda, their 3 small children and his parents Ian and Lyn live on “Picarilli” south-west of Thargomindah. After working on many properties in the Thargomindah district as well as Julia Creek and Cloncurry, backpacking and working in Europe and the U.K, pressing in the shearing sheds and working in the oil and gas industry I have settled back home with my young family. “Picarilli” runs in a normal season 6000 merino sheep and 1500 beef cattle. Our target is to produce 19-20 micron wool off a large, straight bodied, easy care merino with high fertility. We ceased mulesing in 2007.
BruceLines Name: Bruce Lines
Role: Rodwellls
Phone: 07 46227799 
Bruce was born and raised in the Roma and Maranoa District, married – Wife Gemma and son Alexander. Bruce is passionate about all aspects of sheep, wool and wool harvesting and commits an enormous amount of work and personal time to the industries. Commitment shows with 20 odd years shearing, woolclassing and training staff. Plus the past seven or more years working as a woolbroker, supplying wool clip preparation advice and representing client’s wool for sale and furthermore promoting merino sheep as a productive and viable enterprise. In his spare time competes in woolhandling events and promotes “Sports Shear” as an elite industry sport to the wider communities. Works for Rodwells – Rural Co. Woolbrokering business based out of Roma as the QLD Wool Manager.
TimWilliams Name: Tim Williams
Role: Producer
“Banff Downs” Morven
Phone: 07 4654 8204
I have spent my working life in the sheep industry.  After attending Longreach Pastoral College in 1987/88 I was a shearer in western Queensland and Western Australia for ten years.  Following this I took over from my parents at “Banff Downs”, south of Morven and found a girl out past Adavale, who later agreed to marry me!  Our family which includes Marie, the one I found out near Adavale, and our two boys, Hamish and Lachie, now run 2000 Merino ewes in a fat lamb and wool producing operation.  In addition to this we also have a cattle and goat operation.


Name: Donald Truss
Role: Producers
 “Wareo” Toompine
Phone: 07 4656 2210
Donald lives with his wife Laura and two children at Wareo, which is about 45km east of Toompine. He was born in Charleville and went to boarding school in Toowoomba. Once he finished school he did contract work around Quilpie for year. He then traveled over to Western Australia and worked on Woody Arup Merino stud for 18 months. After this he went overseas and worked in the UK and Europe for over a year before returning home. His parents live next door at Boran and both property’s are run together. They run about 8000 merinos and 400 cattle. They are currently putting up a exclusion fence around the entire boundary, with the aim of running more sheep and fewer cattle as sheep are a lot more suited to this country.
nicole Name: Nicole Sallur
Role: Senior Extension Officer
DAF Charleville
Phone: 07 4530 1270
Nicole grew up in south west Queensland and her parents run a property 60kms south east of Charleville.  Nicole has worked for the department for 16 years on various projects related to the sheep and wool industry including Total Grazing Pressure, Environmental Management Systems, Sheep CRC educational resources, Merino Breeding and Selection.  Nicole currently leads the Making More from Sheep and Leading Sheep projects and as part of these projects she hopes to deliver timely and relevant information to producers to help them improve their sheep and wool production.