Part 7: Harvesting - Leading Sheep H Series of Webinars

Date: 26 Aug 2020

Time: 19:30 - 20:30

Price: A $0.00

In this free 'Harvesting' webinar, Fiona Raleigh will discuss the key roles in clip preparation as outlined in the Code of Practice, with the focus on maximising competition at sale. This will include contamination risk, the wool classer and stencil, the National Wool Declaration and more.

Fiona has been a wool classer for 30 years and she is the wool classer registrar at the Australian Wool Exchange. She is involved in training, extension and communicating principles of wool preparation and the needs of the consumer.

This webinar will be recorded and published online. If you register you will receive an email with a link to the recording when it is made available.

To make the webinar as relevant as possible, questions from the audience are encouraged.  If you already have a question you would like answered, enter it during your registration or email it to and Fiona will address it during the webinar.

Part 7: Harvesting is one of a 10 part series aimed at giving new and aspiring producers a step up into the sheep industry. Follow the series to hear all the H themed topics: Health, Him & Her, Handling, Herding, Husbandry, Housing, Harvesting, How to Sell Wool, How to Sell Stock, Hunger.

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