Sheep pregnancy scanning Part 5: How to use scanning information

This is part 5 of 6 from the sheep pregnancy scanning webinar with Chris Shands, a rural advisor from NSW, discussing how to use pregnancy scanning information. This is from a recording of the Leading Sheep webinar sheep pregnancy scanning – keeping more lambs alive which was presented on the 28 May 2012. (5mins 22secs)

Prepare your flock ready for autumn joining

Queensland’s sheep and wool producers are being urged to prepare their flocks for autumn joining. Industry consultant Geoff Duddy, from Sheep Solutions, said preparing the flock was critical for effective results and involved a lot more than simply opening the gate to let the rams in with the ewes. “Ideally producers should be checking their … Read more

Nutritional management of spring lambing Merinos to rear more lambs. Part 5: Growing lambs to achieve their genetic potential

Dr John Milton talks about how grow lambs to achieve their genetic potential.  John is the Director of Independent Lab Services (a feed analysis and consultancy company) and Associate Professor at the University of Western Australia. (Video length 12:54) This is part five of five in this series on the nutritional management of spring lambing … Read more