VIDEO: Getting into the wool industry – a shearer’s view

Barcaldine’s Andrew Ross is candid when asked why he became a shearer? It was about money, and he jokingly adds, proving to his mum he could endure the heat and hard work.  The young tradie from western Queensland was a qualified cabinet maker, before he opted to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a … Read more

Remote water monitoring – a producer case study

Fine wool grower Duncan Banks has an unwavering appreciation for water, so it made sense to him to invest in innovative technology that allows him to monitor stock water from his house. Four years ago, the Dirranbandi producer installed a commercial-type water meter on the main polypipe from a neighbouring artesian bore to 25 tanks … Read more

Grain feeding lambs – tips for getting it right

Queensland producers opting to grain feed lambs should ‘lock in grain supplies and set up forward contracts’ to minimise risk and increase returns, according to a sheep and wool adviser, Geoff Duddy. He said high store lamb prices had made feedlotting ‘reasonably risky’ but there were margins for producers who did their planning and preparation. … Read more