Case Study – Fencing for better lambing rates

Aside from the obvious benefit of controlling predators, John and Maree MacMillan have found the benefits of their exclusion fence to be multiple. The fence has enabled the MacMillans to control the environment for their sheep, from total grazing pressure to biosecurity. They have eliminated lice and are saving considerably on chemical costs. Read more … Read more

Case Study – Pain relief that hits the spot

Doug and Lauren Tindall near Longreach have introduced pain relief into their enterprise and haven’t looked back. The big gains for them have been in mothering-up quickly and reduced labour costs, with mobs to move through the system more quickly and back out onto feed.   Read more in this case study.  

Containment feeding – can you get ahead of the game?

Longreach producers Boyd and Katie Webb have utilised containment feeding to overcome nutritional deficiencies, drought and predation, even lambing in pens. The Webbs ramped up feeding activities in 2014 and Boyd said about the investment “It’s a game changer but it costs a lot of money, when you are under the pump in the drought … Read more

Grazing Futures – Humpy Back case study

In this Grazing Futures case study focuses on Humpy Back in Queensland. At the beginning of 2020, Longreach based GrazingFutures team member, Amelia (Milly) Nolan, developed a short survey for producers who have observed Humpy Back on their properties. The main areas of enquiry were around the location of properties, number and classes of sheep affected … Read more

Breeding better wool – a producers case study.

This case study looks at St George producer Rod Avery and how he uses sheep-classing technology to improve productivity and business outcomes. Rod talks about using and embracing technology and how he made gradual changes to get where he is today. Through the use of technology, Rod knows the level of production and the return … Read more