Exclusion fencing – tips from producers

newsletter-fence-photoDuring November 2014 Leading sheep and South West NRM held an exclusion fencing bus trip which visited four properties in south west Queensland. These properties ranged from just starting to exclusion fence to being fully fenced for eight years.  The trip was very successful with 43 people coming along. On the tour participants had the opportunity to see a range of different fence types as well as hear construction techniques and tips to make the job easier.

Some of the key points about exclusion fencing were:

  • exclusion fencing is worth it and will pay for itself with extra productivity and ability to rest paddocks
  • initial preparation of fence line is critical
  • build the best fence you can afford
  • fence height ranges from 1.5-1.8m, most recommend a skirt, with posts 6-8m apart
  • in-line strainers are not necessary
  • maintenance is highest in the initial period after fence built
  • need to be able to manage what is on the inside, once the fence is completed.

Click here to read some more tips from the host producers and view exclusion fence photos.

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