Around the Camp: QRAA / managing land condition / weed spotters network

Welcome to the December edition of ‘Around the Camp’.  Similar to the November newsletter, this edition is focusing on some more of the information that was presented at South West NRM’s Caravan of Collaboration events.  While these events were only conducted in south west Queensland the information is relevant for the entire state.  As always if you have any suggestions for articles or feedback then please let us know.

  1. Managing for better land condition and production
  2. Have you started using the Fulcrum App?
  3. Weed spotters network Queensland
  4. QRAA – what’s available?
  5. Rural financial counselling service
  6. Upcoming events
  7. eBulletins

1. Managing for better land condition and production

black-speargrassManaging land condition is an important part of all livestock businesses. Col Paton, EcoRich Grazing recently spoke about assessing land condition, the financial benefits of having better land condition and some options for improving land condition. With the such a high percentage of the state drought declared, Col spoke about the importance of spelling country especially during the wet seasons. Spelling pastures during phase 1 and 2 of growth or until the seed sets, is one of the easiest and effective options for managing pastures for drought recovery.

To find out more view Col’s presentation or feel free to contact him on 0427 006 235.

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2. Have you started using the Fulcrum App?

indexFulcrum is a smartphone application that can be used for tracking and collating data on pests as well as indigenous species on properties and public land across the region. Data can be captured in Fulcrum while out of internet range, then it automatically uploads to a central database once back in range. Data can be used for reporting purposes as well as the development of better management strategies for weed and animal pests, or protection of biodiversity.

Click here to view the current maps showing where pest animals have been reported in your local area.

Watch an instructional video on how to use the Fulcrum app on your iPhone or Android.

For more information or to register for the Fulcrum phone app.

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3. Weed spotters network Queensland

limnocharis-flavaPrevention and early intervention are the most cost-effective means of dealing with potential, new and emerging weeds in Queensland. The Weed Spotters’ Network Queensland aims to find, identify and document those new occurrences of potential weeds at an early stage so that preventative actions can be taken. It seeks to continue a community-based weed alert system in Queensland, based on the model developed by the previous Cooperative Research Centre for Australian Weed Management. The cost of weeds to Australian agriculture now exceeds $4 billion per year. No estimate has been made of the cost of weeds to the environment.

You can help detect weeds by sending specimens for identification.

Complete an application form to register for the Weed Spotters’ Queensland Network.

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4. QRAA – what’s available?

indexQRAA have a variety of loans schemes available to primary producers but two schemes that focus on farm businesses who have experienced severe drought conditions are the:

  • Drought Recovery Concessional Loan Scheme (The variable concessional interest rate is currently set at 2.71%)
  • Drought Concessional Loan Scheme (The variable concessional interest rate is currently set at 3.05%)

Under the two schemes, the Australian Government has provided Queensland with a combined total of $45 million for the provision of concessional loans to drought-affected Queensland farm businesses during 2015-16. Loans up to $1 million are available.


To be eligible for these loans you must demonstrate that you and your farm business meet the eligibility criteria for each scheme. Detailed information about the eligibility criteria is available in the scheme guidelines. You must submit a valid Bureau of Meteorology Rainfall Deficiency Report with your application. A Rainfall Deficiency Report can  be obtained using the Bureau of Meteorology’s Australian Rainfall Deficiency Analyser.  For instructions to generate a report, click here.

Take a read of QRAA’s latest Prime Focus newsletter.

Qld Innovative Sheep Network (QISN) are holding a ‘QRAA – what’s available!’ webinar on Monday 30th November, 8:00pm. Register

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5. Rural financial counselling service

index rfcsRural Financial Counsellors provide a free, confidential, impartial and independent service to primary producers. These financial counsellors are based in regional areas around Queensland and aim to:

  • help clients understand their financial and business postition
  • help clients understand their financial and business options and negotiate with their lenders
  • improve clients’ abilities to plan operations, achieve realistic goals and identify risks
  • help clients complete action plans to address industry adjustment and climate change pressures
  • connect clients to information about government and industry assistance
  • refer clients to accountants, agricultural advisers and other relevant professionals, as required
  • refer clients to professionals for succession planning, family support and personal (social and emotional) counselling, as required
  • assist clients to identify their advice and training needs
  • apply a case management approach to provide clients with an holistic outcome.

Rural financial counsellors do not provide family, emotional or social counselling, financial advice or succession planning services, but, can provide referrals and information.

Find your local financial counsellor or view a map with the service regions.

Find out more about the Rural Financial Counsellors – Central Southern region or South West region.

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6. Upcoming events

  • QRAA – what’s available – webinar, 30 November, 8pm – Register
  • Claypan Rehabilitation and Soil Workshop, 10 December, Charleville, SWNRM – To register call (07) 4656 8500
  • SWNRM Carbon workshop, 15 December, Charleville RSL – To register call (07) 4656 8500
  • On-farm Biosecurity and Sheep Health workshops, to register contact Alex Stirton – 0746 544 212
    • 9 February 2016 – Traprock region
    • 10 February 2016 – ‘Windamall’, Bungunya
    • 11 February 2016 – ‘Dunkerry South’, Thallon

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