Exclusion Fencing Case Studies

Over recent years, two producers in the Morven area have undertaken control measures on their properties like exclusion fencing to help reduce the impacts from wild dogs and kangaroos. Since then, both producers have observed positive results including reduced mortality rates and more controlled total grazing pressure.

The following case studies outline the producers’ insights on their exclusion fencing experiences, including:

  • Background
  • Cost to Build
  • Fence Type
  • Maintenance
  • Effectiveness
  • Challenges
  • Producer Thoughts

There is a large range of  fencing products available and these are just a few examples of the ones used by these producers . Leading Sheep recommends producers undertake their own research on available products before choosing a fence type.

Click on the links below to view the case studies:

Exclusion Fencing Case Study – ‘Moorooka’, Morven

Exclusion Fencing Case Study – ‘Banff Downs’, Morven