Results of a sheep grazing Buffel grass trial

Leading Sheep has produced a video on the key outcomes from the Eastwood Grazing Trial. This trial, led by Richard Silcock, ran for 15 years (1967-1982) to document the productivity and persistence of buffel grass pasture sown into cleared gidyea shrubland in central-western Queensland. This video case study will focus on key outcomes from the trial, particularly how producers can utilise insights from the trial to optimise stocking rates in buffel grass pastures. Richard will share his valuable insights as a producer and contributor to the project, his advice from the research, and his successes from the project as well as running flocks on buffel grass.


1 thought on “Results of a sheep grazing Buffel grass trial

  1. Well done Richard in writing up the really useful Eastwood Trial results. I am sure not many trials had someone (me) turn up to check the waters Sunday morning at dawn in a dinner suit.

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