The drought – much has been learnt already – Summary


For the last few months, Leading Sheep has circulated a series of newsletters summarising what Queensland sheep producers have learnt from the drought.  This month we have collated the responses we have received from across the regions to provide a review of the key learnings.

  • Look after yourself, your family and your friends.
  • Plan with fixed dates to make decisions.
  • Be flexible.
  • Keep your stock in good enough condition that you still have options. Stock need to be strong enough to walk in the mud for a week if that’s how the drought breaks.
  • Keep an eye on your stock and destock progressively and early.

As a follow-up, Leading Sheep recently asked members of one of the three Consultative Committees to answer this question ‘What is one thing I need to do now to recover from the drought.’ The answers were in two broad categories:

 Looking after yourself and your family:

  • Getting off the farm and joining in community activities that have gone by the wayside in the drought– tennis, clubs etc.
  • Taking the family out for dinner to celebrate what you did together to get through the drought.
  • Go on a holiday.
  • Reduce stress.


  • Whilst it is still fresh in your mind do your personal Drought Management Plan with triggers, firm dates and actions.
  • Do not be in a hurry to restock – let your country recover first.
  • Before restocking do your gross margins, cash flows etc.
  • Ensure your rams are ready and your ewes in good condition to get the best possible lambing this year. Ensure effective predator control is undertaken well before lambing starts.
  • Establish improved pastures and slow the cross-country water flow.

Leading Sheep invites you to contribute to this discussion via your local Leading Sheep Coordinator:

If typing is a challenge, please telephone. Your responses will be collated and circulated, anonymously if you so choose. Please keep your responses short – no more than five lines per idea.