Excluding dogs once and for all at Banff Downs

Morven grazier Tim Williams is running more stock than ever and hasn’t had a problem with wild dogs thanks to a decision to put in exclusion fencing in 2012. He has even increased the carrying capacity of his property ‘Banff Downs’ by more than 10 per cent despite a two and half year dry period, … Read more

Making the move into electric fencing

When Alan Forrest diversified and introduced goats to his sheep and wool operation in the early 2000s, he also made the move to electric fencing and has not looked back since. Alan is a firm believer that electricity is most cost effective way to maintain the integrity of fencing, by reducing the pressure from both … Read more

FlockTalk September 2014 – lamb survival and donkeys

Flock talk published in the Queensland Country Life on the 25th September 2014 containing articles on: Leading Sheep – Showcasing sheep Maximising lambs weaned by Dr John Milton, Independent Lab Services Correct bonding is essential for successful guard donkesy by the McLeish family in south east Queensland. Click here to view these articles.

Electric Fencing – The Ins and Outs

Rob Doro from Gallagher and Alan Forrest a producer who is using electric fencing and has a wealth of practical tips. Rob Doro is a Territory Manager for Gallagher. Rob has helped many producers to design and build electric fences that work to keep livestock in and ferals animals and pests out.  He knows what … Read more

Using donkeys as guardian animals for livestock

This presentation was prepared and presented by Bruce McLeish at a predator control field day in Inglewood (November 2013).  Bruce is the Queensland and New South Wales Wool Manager for Elders Rural Services.  He is also a commercial sheep and wool producer with wife Angela and his father at ‘Warahgai’, Karara.  In this presentation Bruce … Read more

Controlling your feral pigs!

Jason Wishart from Invasive Animals CRC speaks about: What control methods are available to producers for controlling pigs Which control methods work the best in Qld History, biology and general behavior of pigs The latest research being conducted by the Invasive Animals CRC New technologies that are on the market or coming onto the market … Read more

Exclusion Fencing Case Studies

Over recent years, two producers in the Morven area have undertaken control measures on their properties like exclusion fencing to help reduce the impacts from wild dogs and kangaroos. Since then, both producers have observed positive results including reduced mortality rates and more controlled total grazing pressure. The following case studies outline the producers’ insights … Read more

Donkeys as Guard Animals

Leading Sheep recently canvassed producers who have been using Donkeys as Guardian Animals for different lengths of time and asked them to list the 3 key things that they would tell people going into donkeys for the first time. The responses were: Producer 1 We consider bonding the most important aspect of the whole program.  … Read more