Breech Strike Prevention – an update

The Breech Strike Prevention Update is held every two years by Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) and as the name suggests updates industry and others on the progress in breech strike prevention. The audience included representatives from the sheep industry, Australia wide, the RSPCA as well as a number of animal welfare/rights groups.  A representative made … Read more

Worm Egg Counts for Queensland Sheep Producers – the way forward

  Queensland sheep producers understand the importance of: regular Worm Egg Counting (WEC) and monitoring, identifying what specific worms are present, and knowing which drenches are working on your property with regular Drench Resistance testing. With the closure of the Queensland Government Wormbuster Laboratory, there have been many people querying who else provides these services … Read more

Bad drenching advice can be expensive!

Leading Sheep have been informed that some sheep drench retailers have been recommending drenching sheep every 6 weeks. This is labour intensive, wasteful, expensive, guaranteed to select for increased levels of drench resistance in the worm population resident on your property and if drenches are used for which the worm population is currently resistant, your … Read more

Making worm management easy

Hear from Maxine Lyndal-Murphy from the DAFF Wormbuster Laboratory talking about choosing the right drench, when to drench and how to prolong the useful life of your drench. You will also hear from three producers about their practical experiences in managing for worms – Phil Bell “Miltonise” St George, Mark Murphy “Karbullah” Goondiwindi and Noel … Read more

Sheep Wet Season Alert

After the rains comes the pestilence and pains… Sheep producers are now in their second, third or even their fourth good summer season in a row, following the recent high rainfalls and floods. Some issues for sheep producers to keep an eye on are: ram fertility and impacts for joining, fly strike and worms risk, … Read more

Flystrike & Lice Alert

Timely Tips for Spring/Summer 2011 Given the high probability of above average long-term rainfall and the continuing La Niña conditions, producers need to watch out for conditions favouring high flystrike risk. It is best to be prepared well ahead of time so you don’t get caught out. During high fly periods, chemical availability and supplies … Read more