Brucellosis – it may not be the cause of your low lamb marking percentage

Brucellosis in rams is currently the subject of much discussion and is being blamed for low lamb marking percentages.

For some sheep producers, this may be the case. For most, brucellosis will not be solely responsible for the low percentages. 


The reasons lie in the nature of the disease and the fact that brucellosis has been around in sheep flocks in Queensland for a long time. In some ram flocks, it has been evident at very high rates.

Finding brucellosis in your ram flock does not mean it’s the cause of low lambing. Pregnancy testing is important to validate any suspicions of a joining-related problem.

Over the last thirty years, as a veterinarian working in the sheep industry in western Queensland, I have seen two or three similar peaks of concern with brucellosis.

Removing brucellosis from your ram flock is good management but people can spend a lot of time and effort and still not be addressing the issues that have caused their low lambing problem.

Dr. N O’Dempsey BVSc (Hons)


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