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  1. Federal Funding for Wild Dog Management
  2. National Sheep Health Declaration
  3. Role of the Dung beetle
  4. Ready Reckoner Valuation Too
  5. Upcoming Leading Sheep events
  6. Upcoming events
  7. Podcasts, eBulletins and surveys

Federal Funding for Wild Dog Management

The recent $640,000 Federal Government grant for the National Wild Dog Action Plan, which is managed by Australian Wool Innovation (AWI), is a significant step towards effective wild dog management in Australia. This is part of a $3.16 million allocation to several organisations to mitigate the adverse effects of invasive species like feral pigs, deer, cats, foxes and wild dogs.
The funding will enable targeted strategies to conserve Australia’s biodiversity and agricultural sector. It will support essential roles to implement the Wild Dog Action Plan, enhance stakeholder involvement, promote collaborative efforts and ensure comprehensive, sustainable outcomes. Click here to read the media release

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National Sheep Health Declaration

Recording the health status of your flock is crucial when buying or selling sheep. A National Sheep Health Declaration serves as a report card that provides vital insight into a flock’s health status. Request a copy before you purchase stock.
A National Sheep Health Declaration can help you assess the risk of ovine Johne’s Disease, ovine brucellosis, footrot and lice. It also records past treatments, vaccinations and drenches.
This information enables you to effectively manage new flock members beyond the initial quarantine period on your property. It will help you keep your sheep healthy as part of your overall biosecurity plan.

Click here to access National Sheep Health Declaration.

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Role of the Dung beetle

In a recent ParaBoss webinar, experts discussed the crucial role dung beetles played in Australia’s grazing ecosystems—particularly in managing pests and parasites on farms. Dung beetles contribute to nutrient recycling and soil aeration and reduce dung runoff into waterways, benefiting farmers’ production systems and profits. The webinar, featuring Dr Russ Barrow and Paul Meibusch of EcoInsects, highlighted the beetles’ capability to interrupt the life cycles of flies and nematodes, aiding in pest control.
View the webinar recording on the ParaBoss YouTube channel or read this AWI article for more information.

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Ready Reckoner Valuation Tool

Have you heard of the Ready Reckoner tool?
The Ready Reckoner tool, offered by WoolQ on the AWI website, enables woolgrowers, classers, brokers and buyers to efficiently estimate the price of their wool clips.
In the ‘Market Analysis’ section, users can evaluate their clip’s value based on the latest market pricing. The ‘Market Results’ section lets users compare their clip’s performance with similar wool types in the market. The ready reckoner provides crucial insights into the optimal times for selling, helping maximise profitability.

Click Here to visit the AWI website and learn more.

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Upcoming Leading Sheep events

Leading Sheep will host the ‘Ready Reckoner – Know Your Wool Price’ webinar from 7.35pm to 8.35pm on Wednesday, August 23. Guest presenters Stephen Hill (Trade consultant and Chair for the National Wool Production Forecasting Committee) and Mark Scott (Woolmark Certification and Traceability program manager),will explain:
• why you should value your wool before sale
• how to use Ready Reckoner – starting with switching on your computer
• why there will always be differences between a broker’s appraisal, Ready Reckoner and sale price, either in the auction room or in an online sale

Join us for the presentation followed by a Q&A session. To ensure your important questions are answered please include them in the designated area in registration.

Click here to register for the webinar.

For more information contact Noel O’Dempsey, Leading Sheep Coordinator, 07 4653 1441, or Sam Harwood, Extension Officer DAF, 0400256427 ,    

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Upcoming events

  • 7 August. FLEXOLT information seminar. Delivered by MSD Animal Health. Click here for more information.
  • 8 August. What’s your plan? Muttaburra. Delivered by Grazing Futures DAF . Click here for more information.
  • 9 August. What’s your plan? Winton. Delivered by Grazing Futures DAF. Click here for more information.
  • 10 August. What’s your plan? Longreach. Delivered by Grazing Futures, DAF. Click here for more information.
  • 23 August. Grazing fundamentals EDGE. Delivered by AppliedAg. Click here for more information.
  • 23 August. Ready Reckoner – know your wool price webinar. Delivered by DAF. Click here for more information.
  • 30 August. Farm Business Resilience Planning. Surat. Delivered by ConnectAg. Click here for more information.

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Podcasts, eBulletins and Surveys

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