Lifetimes of wisdom through Lifetime Ewe Management

The Lifetime Ewe Management (LTEM) program gives producers a great opportunity to discuss ideas and new practices with like-minded producers in their region. Ross Brown talks about his recent experience with LTEM near Westmar, which they started when they were increasing their holdings and wanting to make smarter decisions.

Some key changes the group have implemented include:

  • pregnancy scanning
  • feeding for ewe nutrition requirements prior to lambing
  • making decisions based on condition scoring

According to Ross, the best part is talking to the other producers in the group and bouncing off each other. Hear from Ross himself in this short video about LTEM.

Over the 12 month program, the group will visit each other’s properties and through practical sessions discuss¬†condition scoring, pasture assessment and best practice ewe and lamb management to increase reproduction efficiency and wool production, mainly through reducing ewe and lamb mortality.¬†

Leading Sheep can help you find or start a group. Contact your local extension officer or email us at

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