Part 8: Vegetation management webinar – Questions and Answers.

This is part 8 of 8 of the recordings from the webinar ‘What the new vegetation management laws mean for managing Mulga in South West Queensland’ and is titled Questions and Answers. For an itemised list of the questions ask please see below.



Question One – Carbon questions and general information. 0:22
Question Two – Are maps available in hard copy or as shapefiles? 1:59
Question Three – What satellite images are publicly available? 2:48
Question Four – Can we still cut Mulga with a chainsaw? 3:38
Question Five – I have multiple lots on plan, can I get one Regulated Vegetation map? 4:34
Question Six – Can I place multiple fodder applications on one lot on plan? 5:25
Question Seven – What are the rules from harvesting acacia timber from freehold? 6:16
Question Eight – Can I clear woody weeds? 7:16
Question Nine – Are you able to fodder harvest from any other tree species? 8:34
Question Ten – Can I clear fence lines with chemical? 9:12