Western producer on the right side of the fence

Wool producer Donald Truss has erected more than 100km of exclusion fencing on his property in an effort to minimise the devastating impact of wild dogs.

Now he wants to share his experience and encourage others to take action.

Mr Truss, from south of Quilpie, is the newest member of the Leading Sheep South West Committee, joining six other regional producers responsible for setting local priorities for the program.

Mr Truss said his motivation for joining Leading Sheep stemmed from a desire to share his pest management experience and support other producers to adopt new business practices that maximise production.

“Joining the Leading Sheep committee is an excellent opportunity to help identify local priorities and the biggest issue we face in the south west region is wild dogs,” Mr Truss said.

“The wake-up call for my family came this time last year. We had had a couple of good years but dog numbers were high – when 10 to 20 dogs were being captured annually, we realised we needed to take urgent action if we wanted to maintain profitability.

“So in the past 12 months we have built 103km of exclusion fencing around the perimeter of our property and already we have seen a reduction in dog numbers.

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