Around the Camp: Succession Planning, environmental factsheets and flystrike research.

  1. Farm Management Grants
  2. New Wool Factsheets
  3. An AgTech Vision
  4. AWI Flystrike Research
  5. Understand your Business
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1. Farm Management Grants – Succession Planning

A succession plan is designed to help ensure a smooth streamlined handover when a key stakeholder exits a business. However, the whole process can be confronting and the topic of stress and confusion for many primary producers and their families.

To combat this, and to offset the costs of seeking professional succession planning advice, Farm Management Grants are now available from the Queensland Government to help assist eligible Queensland primary producers during the succession planning process. Rebates of up to 50% of the amount paid for professional advice, provided by suitably qualified professions, are available with a maximum of $2,500 for each financial year of the scheme. Suitably qualified professionals include accountants, solicitors, and succession advisors.

Further information on the Farm Management Grants, eligibility criteria and how to apply is available at:

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2. New factsheets show wool’s environmental credentials

New light has been shed on wool’s renewability, biodegradability and positive environmental footprint as a consumer textile. A series of free fact sheets are available online to anyone wanting to educate themselves on wool and promote the natural fibre. The factsheets are designed to support the credentials of wool as an environmentally responsible natural fibre and focuses significantly on wool’s natural production, decomposition and positive environmental footprint.

With increasing demand for sustainable resources Merino wool has proven to lead as a natural, renewable and biodegradable fibre when compared to other popular textile choices such as polyester and nylon. Unlike synthetic fibres, wool is bio-degradable and returns to the environment as a source of nutrients and protein. Making it an environmentally responsible textile and a potential solution to decreasing the pollution of our native ecosystems.

More information and factsheets are available at:

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3. An AgTech Vision – Weighing Sheep by Camera

Unlike cattle and pigs, the assessment of sheep in the saleyards is subjective with the estimate of liveweight, fat score and carcase weight being a best guess. To rectify this, Mecardo has released their first in a regular series of insights with their objective to provide a vision for the future of technology in agriculture and what it offers to the sheep industry. Cattle in Australia are largely sold with liveweight figures provided. This, however, has been unable to progress to sheep and lambs in saleyard transactions due to the logistical nightmare of running thousands of sheep across a weighbridge.

An insight Mecardo is particularly interested in to improve the hoof assessment of sheep is the use of a machine vision system, or in laymen’s terms, a camera to provide an accurate assessment of liveweight. This method has already allowed the liveweight of pigs to be determined with an accuracy of ± 0.9kg. Is it also hoped the camera’s thermal imagery technology could identify possible yield losses prior to slaughter through the identification of disease, dog bites and other carcase imperfections.

Information on AgTech’s series of insights and weighing sheep by camera is available at:

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4. AWI remains committed to flystrike research

With ongoing priorities in animal health and welfare AWI remains committed to ongoing research and development with continued investment towards breech flystrike. Updated and new documents, developed by the AWI Research, Development and Engineering team, aim to further educate the industry on the significance of flystrike within our Australian flock.

In particular, AWI has updated the Managing Breech Flystrike Manual that focuses on 5 areas of investment, including breeding and selection, improved management practices and supply chain engagement. The manual details the complete overview of flystrike and its impact upon the Australian wool industry. The document outlines risk factors, current and developing management practices, and the developed AWI strategy for the future of flystrike management. The manual is a valuable tool for both producers and the general public and provides accessible updated information on the management of breech flystrike for long-term sustainable solutions.

Information on the Managing Breech Flystrike Manual is available at:

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5. Understand your Business

Do you want to know how to interpret financial statements and understand what they are saying to you?

What about understanding key profit drivers for the whole business?

Business EDGE is a comprehensive two-day workshop for owners and managers of grazing enterprises. It is specifically designed to improved financial literacy and business skills. The course is taught on a case study basis to bring more meaning to the underlying principles and with all the concepts taught and discussed well-grounded in a practical example from the case study. There are two courses planned in March, one in Charleville and the second in Goondiwindi.

For more information and to register please visit

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6. Upcoming events

7 February 2018 Tips and topics day Dirranbandi. For more information contact David Hickey (DAF Roma) at

8 February 2018 Getting the best from motion activated cameras on your property webinar. For more information click here.

12-13 February 2018 Dubbo Abattoir – Maximising the value of your sheep and lambs. For more information click here.

21 February 2018 Workplace essential seminar Chinchilla. For more information or to register click here.

March (tbc) Electronic identification in sheep webinar. For more information contact Nicole Sallur (DAF Charleville) at

March (tbc) Grazing BMP Dirranbandi and Nindigully. For more information contact Andrea Wiles (DAF Charleville) at

5-6 March 2018 Business EDGE workshop Charleville. For more information or to register click here.

8-9 March 2018 Business EDGE workshop Goondiwindi. For more information or to register click here.

16 March 2018 Leading Sheep forum and dinner (tbc) Longreach. For more information click here.

4 May 2018 Queensland State Sheep show – Blackall. For more information click here.

May 2018 (tbc) Herd and flock management days across south and south west Queensland. For more information contact Andrea Wiles (DAF Charleville) at

June 2018 (tbc) Electronic identifcation in sheep field days across Queensland. For more information contact Nicole Sallur (DAF Charleville) at

June 2018 (tbc) Grazing BMP Roma, Mitchell/Morven. For more information contact Andrea Wiles (DAF Charleville) at

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7. eBulletins