Pimelea and its management

Learn all about managing Pimelea from DAFF staff Jenny Milson (Longreach), Richard Silcock (Toowoomba) and Mary Fletcher (Brisbane). This webinar was recorded on the 24th September 2010.

Drought survival stories

Three eBooks containing drought survival stories by Queensland sheep and wool producers. Drought Survival Stories # 1 – Stories include: The WCS lament by Jan Taylor “Boree Downs” Longreach Cottonseed tips by Jan Taylor “Boree Downs” Longreach Feeding a way of life by Martin Lloyd “Lorne” Blackall Learn to plan ahead by Paula Dean “Notus Downs” … Read more

Grazing systems – fact and fiction

Trevor Hall talks about the effects of rotational and cell grazing systems on the condition and productivity of pastures in northern Australia. The presentation draws on a recently completed evaluation of contrasting grazing systems (continuous, rotational, cell) on each of nine Queensland properties, located from Condamine in the south to Richmond in the north.

Grazing in good times – the Dunblane experiments

Practical pasture science allows graziers to get ahead. With a run of good seasons land managers are looking to sure up the bank balance and bring back country that has suffered over the years of drought. This short documentary sheds light on strategies for boosting production and land condition.

Sheep Wet Season Alert

After the rains comes the pestilence and pains… Sheep producers are now in their second, third or even their fourth good summer season in a row, following the recent high rainfalls and floods. Some issues for sheep producers to keep an eye on are: ram fertility and impacts for joining, fly strike and worms risk, … Read more