Selling store lambs ‘less risky’ for most producers

Selling store lambs ‘less risky’ for most producers Queensland producers should be flexible when making lamb marketing decisions, but the quicker turn off that comes with selling stores generally brings greater returns than grain feeding, according to a sheep and wool adviser. Mr Duddy said high store lamb prices have made feedlotting ‘reasonably risky’ in … Read more

How do you best consign your lambs and sheep?

Prime lambs are now being produced in many areas which are a long way to markets and by people new to the sheep industry. This raises the question ‘How do you consign your lambs and sheep so that they arrive in the best possible condition and value?’ Tony Dunn, Livestock Buyer for Fletchers International, suggested … Read more

Allycia is leading the way in the sheep and wool sector

At 17 she left Brisbane’s bright lights to follow her dream of a career in the sheep and wool industry and in the seven years since Allycia Bennett hasn’t once missed city life. Today, Allycia is one of the youngest district agency wool managers in Australia, the youth representative on Queensland’s Leading Sheep advisory panel, … Read more

Wild dog trappers in Queensland

One of the things that people have been telling us at Leading Sheep is that there is a shortage of trappers and when they want a trapper they can’t find one.  So we have compiled a list of trappers that we know of (and others have told us about) whom are willing to work in … Read more

Zolvix resistance and new Barbers Pole vaccine

Zolvix resistance in Queensland Zolvix (Active ingredient: monepantel) resistance in Barbers Pole was first reported a few months ago in a goat herd in New South Wales. Now monepantal resistance has been confirmed from a Haemonchus contortus strain (Barbers Pole) isolated from sheep on a property in south western Queensland and a Trichostrongylus colubriformis (Scour … Read more

Watch out for preg tox and milk fever in your ewes

Pregnancy toxaemia and hypocalcaemia are again being seen in Queensland sheep flocks. These nutritional diseases are also known by a large number of other names including lambing sickness and ketosis and milk fever respectively. If your ewes are pregnant, doing it tough and are being fed a minimal ration they may well be coping now.  … Read more

Breech Strike Prevention – an update

The Breech Strike Prevention Update is held every two years by Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) and as the name suggests updates industry and others on the progress in breech strike prevention. The audience included representatives from the sheep industry, Australia wide, the RSPCA as well as a number of animal welfare/rights groups.  A representative made … Read more